Saturday, December 10, 2016

What this blog is, and isn't

The purpose of this blog is to help me understand why I do some of the things that I do. My goal is to keep track of things that trigger unwelcomed responses from my limbic system. This happens because of PTSD and depression. I am a naturally curious person. This blog will also be my sounding board for new things that I learn. As of this time I am learning how Carl Jung's Cognitive Function stacks operate. You may know this by the name Myers-Briggs Personality types, or MBTI. I will be using what I know about my own stack, and maybe how someone else with a different stack, might be impacted differently. I am not formally trained in any of this. Everything that I say is my own interpretation of things that I have read. If material is referenced from anywhere specific I will add a link. I know I will be linking to Personality Hacker quite a bit. The people over there have done, and are doing, great work.

What I will try to avoid:

  1. Going off on tangents regarding personal problems, anymore than necessary.
  2. Talking at length about politics (tend to be Libertarian) or religion (tend to be a Deist).
  3. Writing a book in each post. No one has time for that.
  4. Being too clinical. I mean this in the technical sense regarding science. I also mean it in the lack of emotion sense.

So let's Crack the Lid on my dome and see what shakes out.

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